Diabetes is caused when Insulin does not respond in the conversion of glucose into energy. Main causes are irregular eating, high sugar intake, blood pressure, deficiency of important vitamins and minerals. Hence, Diabetes severely affects health badly which slowly leads to bone loss.According to the given statistics by International Diabetes Federation, about 69.1 million people alone in India are suffering from Diabetes.

Basically, there are three types of diabetes, type 1, where the body completely stops producing insulin. People have to take insulin injections externally to control the sugar level in the body. In type 2, the body is unable to produce enough insulin. Patients usually take medication which stimulates the beta cells toproducesinsulin for a certain period of time. Diabetes also occurs in pregnant females. This type of diabetes is called gestational diabetes where the insulin is not produced according to the requirement of the body.


  • Excessive intake of carbohydrate and starch rich food
  • Poor diet leads to low immunity which leads to other diseases
  • Less physical activity
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Heredity
  • Junk food, Maida
  • Less intake of fibrous food and deep fried food
  • Excessive intake of sweets, cheese, butter and paneer
  • Betacells in the Pancreas do not produce insulin hence the sugar does not get utilized in the body.


  • Excessive Thirst
  • Frequent Urination
  • Fatigue
  • Drastic Weight loss
  • Itchiness & Infection (Near Genitals)
  • Blurred vision
  • Slow healing of cuts and grazes
  • Excessive sweating

Conventional Treatment

For any conventional treatment, the only motive of it is to control the blood sugar level in the body. Conventionally the treatment would be to either ingest insulin externally into the body to control the sugar level or, the other way is to force the beta cells to secrete insulin. Both the approaches don’t really cure the disease from the cause in fact, due to consumption of excessive medicines for diabetes, the beta cells stop responding to the medicines as our body tends to adapt to the nature. Moreover these medicines also have side effects in the short term as well as the long term

Organic Treatment

Our Organic treatment uses the principles of Ayurveda and takes a holistic approach. Our medicines are made on 100% organic matter which is completely soluble in water, hence soluble in body too. These medicines are concentrated nutrients which are necessary for the body or a body part to function normally.

Diagnosis of Diabetes

In Diabetes the beta cells present in the pancreas are not able to function normally due to some specific activity in the body. Primarily it is utmost important to identify this problem, after understanding the cause of the disease so that it is addressed accordingly.

Treatment for Diabetes

Once the Diagnosis of the cause of diabetes is identified, the patient will be asked to change a few things in his lifestyle and food. Along with these changes to reverse the disease organic medicines will nourish the beta cell appropriately and create an environment in the body where it can function normally. Though Diabetes cannot be cured, but yes it can be controlled in an organic way avoiding all further risks of life threatening diseases.

Medicine Used for Treatment

Stimulates (by pushing) the beta cells to produce insulin which utilizes the sugar in the body for some period of time. Repairs the beta cells and help in theproductionof insulin in beta cells which easily starts utilizing sugarin the body without side effects.
Insulin Injection is used to control sugar who have type 1 diabetes or in type 2 diabetes. Organic medicine controls the sugar level because of the effective part extracted from some medicinal plant leaves.
Frequently use of medicines made from chemicals (not soluble) accumulates toxinsin our body. Easily Soluble in our body, hence it minimizes the diabetic complication.
Incomplete and temporary solution A Complete care and safe solution
Conventional Treatment Holistic Approach
Cannot act as prevention measures for future expected disease. Avoids future expected disease.
Supports life with bio-engineering applications. Organic talks about complete wellness- physical, psychological, spiritual, economical and as well social wellness. Organic wellness is a complete package, not a scattered issue.

Panchkarma Therapy

The natural treatment -Panchakarma is a five action therapy which is an ancient treatment for cleansing the body. At SDF Holistic Healthcare and Research Centre, we have advanced this process for abetter result. The oils & the ingredients used for these therapies are rarely found and made for the best results in Diabetic patient. It is one of the best and most reliable treatments found in the nature.


  • Improve the digestion and metabolism power
  • Restores your health
  • Helps in cell rejuvenation
  • Clears your sense organs
  • The person gains strength, nourishment, and immunity,
  • It improves the chances of fertility, virility, and sexual power
  • Cleanses gastrointestinal tract
  • Supplies required amount of oxygen to pancreas and other parts of the body
  • Detoxifies blood

Our Patients Love us

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“Diabetes under control – I am fit and Fine !!”

“I had been suffering from high diabetes for decades. During a routine check up it was revealed that my creatinine levels had shot up.It was at that time that I saw an ad in a newspaper about SDF Hiolistic.
The medicines provided over here are extremely effective and address the root cause of the disease.
Ever since I am taking treatment at SDF Holistic ,both my diabetes and creatinine levels are under control.Also , I am totally detoxified because of Panchakarma suggested by helpful doctors at SDF!!”

Ravindra Maniar

“Dialysis Free in six months”

“ My life came to a standstill when I was diagnosed with kidney failure and was advised to undergo dialysis My creatinine level was found out to be greater than 10 .I was aghast and did not know where to go.Conventional treatment did not yield any fruitful results.
I approached SDF Holistic for treatment .Today , I do not need dialysis, My creatinine levels have come down to less than 5. I lead an active life !”

Chaya Leeladhar Patil