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SDF Holistic was established in the year 2004, with a vision of providing a sustainable treatment at an affordable price. The word ‘organic’ and ‘holistic’ were introduced way ahead of their time in India, but very few understood the importance of it.
Dr. Vyanketesh Joshi and Dr. Madhavi Joshi, experts in their relative field didn’t have the means to manufacture medicines in a very advanced way but, that didn’t stop them. SDF Holistic’s first kind of medicines were packets of medicinal ingredients wrapped in a butter paper.
Ever since SDF Holistic has thrived to advance its technique in manufacturing the most advanced organic medicines, adapted technologies from all over the world to use the active principle of any given ingredient.
Today, SDF Holistic has established its presence in multiple cities with a state of the art manufacturing facility 40 Kms from Mumbai. The vision of providing sustainable treatment has made us to a lot more things than we imagined.

Today SDF is strong and proud family of over 100 members, with thousands of supporters.


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SDF holistic though makes organic medicines that are completely different from that of Ayurvedic medicines, the principles Ayurveda has set on treating a body are unlike any other treatments an as a matter of fact far more advanced. According to Ayurveda our body works as a system where each and every organ.


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We are team of more than 20 young, experienced and talented doctors working towards a single mission i.e to give the best possible treatment to a patient with everything the world has to offer. With a collaborative experience of more than 100 years, we have developed our own organic medicines that much more effective on the body.

Family Care & Management

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In urban cities an average family spends to about Rs 1,00,000 on healthcare in a year. These families don’t have health cover or a sustainable treatment which would help their family stay away from chronic and life threatening disease. Our mission to establish a healthy society around us has given us the vision to take care.

complete health solutions for those you care

optimum health

Some things don’t need a ‘why?’.Assurance of optimum health for you and your family is one of those things. SDF Holistic considers you as a whole


Here, at SDF Holistic,we treat our paitents with utmost kindness. Acceptance is what we strive on and we know that every patient needs it

integrating healting systems

SDF Holistic Integrates healing systems.These healing systems are selected in order to meet the unique needs of different patients


Everyone is special. SDF Holistic considers every patients as an unique individual, Which means,every patient is guaranteed ‘ personal care’

Our Patients Love us

BUT you don’t have to take our word for it…

“Diabetes under control – I am fit and Fine !!”

“I had been suffering from high diabetes for decades. During a routine check up it was revealed that my creatinine levels had shot up.It was at that time that I saw an ad in a newspaper about SDF Hiolistic.
The medicines provided over here are extremely effective and address the root cause of the disease.
Ever since I am taking treatment at SDF Holistic ,both my diabetes and creatinine levels are under control.Also , I am totally detoxified because of Panchakarma suggested by helpful doctors at SDF!!”

Ravindra Maniar

“Dialysis Free in six months”

“ My life came to a standstill when I was diagnosed with kidney failure and was advised to undergo dialysis My creatinine level was found out to be greater than 10 .I was aghast and did not know where to go.Conventional treatment did not yield any fruitful results.
I approached SDF Holistic for treatment .Today , I do not need dialysis, My creatinine levels have come down to less than 5. I lead an active life !”


Chaya Leeladhar Patil

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